Our Curriculum

At Maldino Divine Academy we believe in delivering a school curriculum based on knowledge, skills and application. We aim to build lifelong learners who will be successful at school and make a positive contribution to the society in which we live.

Our curriculum is subject based rather than themed. This ensures all our children have targets for each subject area in school and supports teachers in their understanding of what children should know and understand. Our children have specific learning goals in each subject area. These are shared with parents in order to foster a shared commitment to helping all students achieve their full potential.

Our curriculum has its foundations in the UK and Nigerian National Curriculum and has been specifically designed so that its content is cumulative, allowing children to build on what they have previously learned. Links are frequently made across the curriculum so that children develop a rich and varied body of knowledge that forms a firm foundation for their future education.

Whilst we recognise the importance of subject specific knowledge, we also understand the value of meaningful cross curricular links, where children make connections between subjects.

Nursery 1

Children in Nursery 1 have discrete phonics lessons taught each day, based on Letters and Sounds. These lessons will develop into spelling as children become proficient in their phonics knowledge and application. Handwriting based on Maldino Divine Academy Structured Materials will be taught regularly to ensure all the pupils have a firm foundation for Nursery 2. We place great value in reading at our academy and, to this end, all Nursery 1 children have a reading book and record.

Children in Nursery 1 are taught STEM, Science, Geography, History, Physical Education, Dance, Music and french as optional as a Modern Foreign Language, as well as Maths and English.

We aim to give our all our students a broad and balanced curriculum which support the transition to the next stage of learning.

Nursery 2

Children in Nursery 2 continue to develop their curriculum knowledge in STEM, Science, Geography, History, Physical Education, Dance, Music, and French as optional as a Modern Foreign Language and Global Citizenship as well as Maths and English.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics