IT Room & wifi

At Maldino Divine Academy, we have got an IT room suitable to expand our young minds imagination in the IT world. Not just limited to desktop systems but laptop and tablets for further creativity and an on screen projector for greater exploration. We also have special laptops for our creche kids.

CCTV Cameras & Library

At Maldino Divine academy we have got an Ultra modern library with the kids at the center of it. With different books for all ages and learning stimulant to keep them more engaged. We also have staff engaging them with supported reading with different reading secessions and aided reading for the younger ones.

Creche section

In our creche section we have got home away from home resting area for tiny tots sleep time. As the little mind needs more sleep time to develop their minds. Our baby sleeping room has got nice cosy beds, quiet room where less noise and activities takes place.

Sport equipment

At Maldino Divine Academy we have got state of the art sport equipment for the kids to develop their sporting abilities. This includes both indoors and outdoors sports such as
basketball, mini football pitch, also tabletop football, table tennis and lots more. Like the saying goes, catch them young which is part of our moto.

Reliable transportation system

At Maldino Divine Academy, we have on site school buses to take the kids to and fro school. We offer both pick up and drop off session for our transports with strict policy compliance. This can be found on our transport policy.